Herend Tree Frogs On Leaf Figurine - Limited Edition


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Herend is known for its long history of producing the finest hand-painted porcelain worldwide. Herend’s trademark fishnet pattern design, which is most popular in the U.S., originated in 1858 when an artist intrigued with a Chinese plate’s fish scale design painted it onto a rooster figurine’s breast to imitate feathers. Each Herend figurine is handmade in Hungary.

Some species of tree frogs use a technique called startle coloration to protect themselves from predators. If a hungry bird or snake happens to approach a sleeping tree frog, the frog will suddenly open its bulging eyes and reveal the bold splash of red. This will usually stun the predator long enough for the frog to gain a few seconds to escape. In the case of Herend’s tree frogs, the artists may have inadvertently compromised the full effect of startle coloration by painting the frogs in such a captivating way that rather than being stunned, the primary response is apt to be admiration. Luckily for these two amphibians, once they discover the accolades that often arise with being part of the Reserve collection, they will soon realize that there is greater benefit in sticking around (pun intended) than fleeing.

  • 9.25"L X 3.75"H
  • Handmade of porcelain
  • Hand-painted in Hungary
  • Numbered Limited Edition of 250