Herend Pair Of Finches Figurine - Limited Edition


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Herend is known for its long history of producing the finest hand-painted porcelain worldwide. Herend’s trademark fishnet pattern design, which is most popular in the U.S., originated in 1858 when an artist intrigued with a Chinese plate’s fish scale design painted it onto a rooster figurine’s breast to imitate feathers. Each Herend figurine is handmade in Hungary.

Normally relegated to the muted end of the color spectrum, the artists at Herend have given the female finch a makeover to rival her colorful mate and, as can be seen the male’s turn of the head, the results have not gone unnoticed! Sporting a fishnet combination of various shades of oranges and grays with pops of gold, the female finch now rivals the spring buds for the prettiest flower on the tree. Of course, not wanting to reduce his ability to win over the ladies, the male finch’s Herend-style transformation keeps his normal red coloring but the artists have added exuberant pops of pinks and oranges so the finch is sure to keep the love of his girl.

  • 7"L X 6.5"H
  • Handmade of porcelain
  • Hand-painted in Hungary
  • Numbered Limited Edition of 175