Herend Mermaid On Shell Figurine - Limited Edition


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Herend is known for its long history of producing the finest hand-painted porcelain worldwide. Herend’s trademark fishnet pattern design, which is most popular in the U.S., originated in 1858 when an artist intrigued with a Chinese plate’s fish scale design painted it onto a rooster figurine’s breast to imitate feathers. Each Herend figurine is handmade in Hungary.

Depictions of mythical mermaids differ strongly. Sometimes they are sirens of the sea luring sailors to their deaths with their song. Other times they are keepers of the ocean charged with rescuing mankind from accidents. Regardless of the mermaid’s intent, the legends agree that they are elusive, alluring beauties. Herend’s mermaid, with her soft smile, is not sharing her secrets today but even without her song, she still enchants. Perched on a giant clam shell with its pearlized core exposed, she holds a 24K gold tulip shell - maybe a silent invitation to the riches of the watery depths below. Blue layered upon green strokes of color comprise her key lime fishnet- the perfect camouflage for a water nymph. Perhaps not even her porcelain skin will prevent her from slipping away to once again entice and confound seafarers everywhere.

  • 9"L X 10"H
  • Handmade of porcelain
  • Hand-painted in Hungary
  • Numbered Limited Edition of 250