4 Tips for Displaying Sculptures and Figurines in Your Home

When you’re in a professionally decorated space, you can usually tell it wasn’t crafted by amateurs. From sculptures to figurines, some decorative pieces seem like they were made to fit a specific room, shelf, or wall.

Homeowners can replicate this seamless flow of design in their own homes, even if you have no professional decorating experience or knowledge. If you want to show off your collection of figures or sculptures, put the following five tips into practice to highlight their best features and look like they belong in the space you’re giving them:

1. Consider the Room Functionality

How you display your three-dimensional art will largely depend on the room you want to place it in and how you use that room. The best choice for sculptures and figurines is an area that offers 360-degree views so that no angle is overlooked. However, that’s not always an option, particularly for high-traffic areas like hallways and living rooms. Before you go sticking pedestals and display tables throughout your home, consider whether the sculpture will obstruct daily living. Make sure walkways aren’t blocked so you don’t risk having someone bump into the object and potentially break it.

2. Opt for a Designated Display Case

Curio cabinets are made to house fine collectibles, sculptures, and figurines. They come in a variety of sizes and finishes to fit in with your decor, and look more like furniture than a typical museum case. Many of them have built-in lighting that will highlight your best pieces, so you can skip the expensive display light fixtures and electrical work. The big glass panels give you unobstructed views while keeping out the dust and debris that could dull your object’s shimmer and require you to clean your Lladro figurines more often. Plus, many curio cabinets have built-in locks so you can protect your valuables and prevent unwanted handling.

3. Invest in Good Lighting

Lighting is everything when it comes to displaying artwork. Having too much or too little light can drown out the intricate details that make every piece unique. For translucent pieces, window displays and lighted pedestals make desirable options. Translucency is a key feature of the piece, and only the right lighting can bring out its best side. As a general rule, you’ll want to avoid lighting that’s directly overhead, spotlights, or backlights. These types of lights can create unwanted shadows and limit visibility. Diffused light sources are usually best at chasing away darkness without washing out all the details.

4. Don’t Stop at the Living Room

Most people place figurines and sculptures in the living room for maximum visibility, but don’t stop there! Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and even the dining room can help your artwork shine. It might just be the little pop of color and personality of a Herend figurine is all you need to break out of the ordinary and pull the entire room together.

Lladro Sculptures On Display Shelves

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