Where Should I Place My Buddha Statue In The Garden?

Although Buddha statues have become a commonplace decoration in American styling today, they are still highly symbolic and religious creations that deserve special placement and attention when positioning them in the garden. Buddha has been a symbol for a selfless way of life as Buddhists have walked this earth for thousands of years. That garden Buddha statue in your possession represents that history, which is why we want to help you place it properly today.

If you don’t have time to learn about Dharma before placing the figure in your garden, by following these suggestions, you will not be offending Buddhists.

Buddha is almost NEVER seen touching the ground. The Enlightened One is depicted standing or sitting upon a lotus. Since you are not using a wooden altar in your garden, much like you would if you had Buddha inside your home, it is still advisable that you set the statue up on something elevated. It is offensive to put a God on the earth without any barrier between him and the soil beneath our feet.


Buddha Statue

Here are a few ways to elevate your Buddha:

  • Retrieve several dozen small stones of about the same shape. Build up a little mound upon which to place your statue. Take your time putting the stones together so the structure is sturdy and able to support the statue. You can also burn three sticks of incense or place three flowers in front of your statue as a sign of respect and veneration.
  • Buy a mini altar block or stone decorative, flattened structure to put in the garden. This will save you the time of creating the mound yourself. You can then place the statue on the structure so it is not touching the ground.
  • You can also place Buddha on your balcony, or even in a flower box. So long as he is elevated in some capacity, it is respected.

It is best to place an outdoor Buddha sculpture in close relation to a water body, or in the vicinity of a flowering plant to represent spiritual growth and rejuvenation. Bonus points if you can place Buddha near budding lotus flowers or pond flora.

Additionally, you can create a private, meditative space around your garden Buddha, perhaps with a few kneeling spots or hidden places to read a book. Buddha is meant to reflect wisdom and reflection, encouraging you to practice mindfulness and let go of your earthly worries while you are in the presence of the statue.

Can I Have More Than One Buddha in my Garden?

Yes, it is common to have multiple Buddha statues in one garden. If you have ever visited a Thai temple, you probably have noticed there is generally a grouping of smaller votive tables that are in front of the main table, where the image resides. The heritage of Buddha states it is holy and just to have him in every room of the home, even the garden.

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