Understanding The Different Finishes On SPI Gallery Brass Sculptures

SPI Gallery artists create some of the finest solid brass sculptures available worldwide as they have been doing for decades. These SPI sculptures are sought after by art collectors and interior designers. One of the things that separates these sculptures from the rest are the beautiful finishes that SPI sculptures have. Below we take a look at the various finishes SPI offers today.

SPI Sculpture Finishes

Retro Art Finish

The Retro Art Finish is the original finish used by SPI for decades. This finish gives the appearance as though sea turtles and fish are swimming below the surface of the ocean water. You see reflections and contrasts that are accented by stylish brass highlights.

Hot Patina Finish

The Hot Patina Finish involves artists heating the metal surface with a blow torch and applying secret formulas of chemicals to the metal one layer at a time. Once all the layers are done, several coats of wax are hand applied to create the vibrant one-of-a-kind finish on the sculpture.

Imperial Finish

The Imperial Finish is one of our favorites. First, each SPI sculpture is hand-painted with intricate detail. Then a proprietary lacquer that has been specially formulated is applied and hand polished. The result is a vibrant and glowing sculpture that looks amazing in the light.

As you can see, no two SPI sculptures are alike given the hand finishing involved with each finish type. Each is truly a unique piece of art. We hope this information helps you have a better understanding of the different finishes that are available on SPI sculptures.

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