New Lladro Figurines Now Available

As Lladro does every year, they have introduced some exciting new porcelain figurines this year for you and your home. Among the new Lladro releases are a handful of numbered limited editions and the 2021 annual piece. Below you will find some information about some of these stunning new Lladro additions.

Lladro Straw Hat In The Wind 2021 Annual Piece

Lladro's annual piece for 2021 is called Straw Hat In The Wind. Designed by Regino Torrijos, this porcelain figurine is handmade in Spain and features a detailed matte finish darling young brown haired girl, wearing a pink and purple dress, holding a flower adorned hat. This figurine will only be available for 2021.

Lladro Refined Elegance Limited Edition

Also new for 2021 is Lladro's Refined Elegance, a numbered limited edition of 300 pieces. Over 100 detailed handmade flowers adorn this beautiful lady and her elegant blue dress. Featuring a matte finish, this exquisite piece was sculpted by Miguel Angel Santaeulalia in Spain.

Lladro Life Is Flower Limited Edition Porcelain Sculpture

Life Is Flower is a unique porcelain sculpture featuring 268 handmade porcelain flowers. This stunning creation has a gloss finish and is limited to only 100 numbered pieces. Sculpted by Francisco Cuesta, this Yasumichi Morita design speaks to the beauty of life and the importance of dreams.

Lladro Flowers Market Limited Edition Figurine

The newly released Lladro Flowers Market numbered limited edition of 750 is impressive in size and details. This glossy finish porcelain work of art features two elegantly dressed ladies at a flower market in Paris during the early 1800s. They are surrounded by 800 colorful flowers and leaves that are individually handmade and hand-painted with extreme detail in Spain.

In addition to these limited editions, there are a number of new Lladro figurines now available. You can browse all the new Lladro releases here. We look forward to hearing your thoughts about these exciting new creations below. 


  • Fine Decor Direct

    No, there are no new Nativity pieces at this time.

  • Lydia

    Any nativity ones?

  • Jo Ann Chamik

    The Lladro’ artists are AMAZING and so talented. From my factory tour I saw how dedicated they were to the texture/Color/Details of each design approved for distribution. These 2021 designs are either NEW & so elaborate or older designs redone into new/updated use of color & details.

    Compliments to both New & Old designs RDone.

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