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Browse the full collection of Lladro figurines, porcelain sculptures and fine home decor. From the elegant Lladro wedding couples and loving mother and child porcelain figurines to the always popular Lladro nativity and religious statues, you will find them all here at Fine Decor Direct. Each of these one of a kind Lladro masterpieces is handmade and hand-painted in Spain by the world's best porcelain artisans.

Brief History of Lladro Figurines

Lladro is a Spanish company based in Tavernes Blanques, Valencia, known for creating porcelain home decor. The company was founded in 1953 by three brothers in the village of Almassera. Starting out with just vases and jugs, the brothers decided to start producing the figurines that made them so famous today. By 1962, the brothers opened the Professional Training School at their site in Tavernes Blanques to share their knowledge and understanding of the craft.

Closely guarding the ingredients that are used in the creation of their figurines and home decor, the specialized and patented process is detailed in a number of Lladro publications, and is also on view for tours at the City of Porcelain.

Presently, Lladro has intensified their creativity in functional lines of lighting, home accessories and jewelry, in addition to the popular figurines. They are continuously working to reinforce their position as a porcelain brand that represents contemporary, elegant, and accessible lifestyles. They also collaborate with Paul Smith, Rolito, and Gary Basement.

So How Do You Say Lladro?

Lladro is one of those Spanish words that can trip up even the most adept of language aficionados today, introducing a unique way of speaking from the Catalan region in Spain. Since there is a double "l" at the start of the word, that means a "y" sound in Spanish. Think of it as "ya-dro" when pronouncing the word correctly. Don't forget to roll your "r's" if you really want to say it like it is said in Spain.

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